Cavador Puppies

At Willow Haven Puppies, we specialize in breeding and raising cavador puppies. Our commitment to animal health and wellbeing is evident in our breeding practices and facilities. Our farm is equipped with ample space for our puppies to play and run, and we work closely with a local veterinary team to ensure the health of our dogs.

We take pride in providing tender loving care to our puppies and considering them as members of our family. Our goal is to find loving and caring homes for each of our puppies, and we are dedicated to socializing them and preparing them for their new lives.

If you are in search of a cavador puppy that has been raised with love and care, please consider Willow Haven Puppies. We would be honored to welcome you to our farm and introduce you to our puppies.

Current pricing

At 8 weeks old:

  • Straight from mum
  • Untrained

From $4,500

At 12 weeks old:

  • Fully weaned
  • Toilet trained
  • Crate trained
  • Fully immunised
  • Ready immediately for public dog areas
  • Follows basic commands i.e. “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “on your bed”

*Highly recommended for time poor or 1st time puppy owners

Home ready, puppy training graduate

From $7,500


The perfect blend of a cavalier king charles spaniel and a Labrador retriever, combining the best of both breeds in one loveable package.

The Cavador is best explained as just a beautiful Miniature Labrador, with slightly less energy levels and faster maturing.

The Cavador is such a beautiful well-bred cross between the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the Labrador. It is a small to medium sized dog that is extremely sociable, loving, loyal and highly intelligent.

Cavadors are a moderate shedding breed, with short to medium coats, usually described as short and straight. They are more likely to have the Labradors coat than that of the King Charles Cavalier. Maintenance requirements are a regular weekly brushing (recommended weekly) and bathing with a vet recommended shampoo.

There is little doubt that the personality of this amazing Cavador breed is one of the best traits on offer. They have an amazing temperament and are very easy going, fun and enjoy the company of children and adults alike. Our first ever dog that my wife and I had was in fact a Cavador, named Max. Max is still with us today, aged 12yo, so we share this amazing breed with experience throughout raising children.

The Cavadors have energy that lot of small/medium dogs don’t, so require daily exercise and stimulation. They are simply a delight to have around, brilliant with kids and just want to spend time with you. What you are prepared to put into them, you will get back 10 fold.

We personally breed the Cavadors on our property and are registered breeders in our own right. Our love and passion for this breed will come shining through, as we can’t recommend them high enough as a family pet.

They come in a range of beautiful colours, from yellow, golden, black and chocolate. Cavadors love the water for a swim, so will enjoy beach, rivers and creeks (take a ball with you, the retriever instincts will be on show).

Adult weight: 8-13kgs Adult Height: 20-35cms at the withers.

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